What Was I Thinking: Married/Divorced x 3

A view from my side.

Kid #2 – The Heartbreaker

Ah yes, the middle child.  Caring.  Loving.  Sweet.  Charming.  The one most likely to show emotion.  The helper.  The pleaser.  The heart breaker.

Kid#2 is handsome, smart, funny, vivacious and always trying to please people.  He wants to be part of the group, in on whatever is going on, and part of the action.  As an young child, his smile would melt you heart.  He was always trying to help and wanted “in” on all the activities.

He played soccer growing up and seemed to enjoy it.  He scored goals and I know he enjoyed that. He continued to play into his junior year in high school.  He went to Disney World with his classmates the summer between his 7th and 8th grade year.  He was in the school choir, a group composed of about 150 or so kids at the school he attended.  Not only did they perform locally, but every spring they took trips.  He went to New York, Miami, Chicago, and San Antonio with the choir.  He grudgingly ran on the Cross Country team.  He was part of the student government and he even moved into the dorm his senior year.

He surrounded himself with girls when he could and always seemed to prefer their company to that of “the guys.”  He did (and does) have plenty of male friends, but he just seemed to always be in the company of one or more girls.  What was interesting was that he always seemed to find the girl that was on the edge of the “groups.”  She was not the “loner” or the “stray”, but she was often part of a smaller group on the outside looking in.  I always thought highly of him for that.

The charm and sweet smile only got him so far.  He tripped himself up getting involved in some things he shouldn’t have and, in consultation with his mother, his counselor and a few other important and trusted people, drastic steps were taken.  He spent the last few months with his mother in NC.  He got his GED there and promptly returned to our fair city, moving in with one of his girlfriend’s family, less than a mile away from his brother and me.

He has not come to see me, nor have I heard from him, other than a text telling me someone was going to come by and pick up his soccer shoes.  Ex#2 told me not to expect to hear from him anytime soon, that he blames me for his current situation and has yet to accept that he is responsible for his actions there.  He did meet up with his brother at a friend’s house to wish him a happy birthday and to give him their mother’s present.

Yes…my #2 son…the heart breaker.


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