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Another 300 Coffee Filters

coffeefiltersHas it really been that long?  300 mornings?  Just shy of a year ago I bought the lot of 300 coffee filters from which I drew the last one as I set my pot to brew my morning’s allotment.  At 2 cups a morning, my customary consumption, that’s approximately 38 gallons of coffee, 12.5 pounds of sugar, and 4.75 gallons of half and half.  Who knew, right?

A lot has happened in those 300 mornings.  Teams have trained and competed and championships have been won.  Students have graduated and moved on.  People have lived and died.  Birthdays have come and gone.  Most friendships have endured while others have faded.  Miles have been run, cars have been driven, trips have been taken and routine has been followed.

My morning routine has pretty much been the same for the last several years.  Which is, interestingly enough, how it became my morning routine.  LOL  On weekdays, I wake up in the mornings to a pre-set brewing pot of coffee.  On weekends I prefer to start it fresh when I get up.  I sit quietly at my computer reading through the morning’s musings on various news and information sites, drinking my 2 cups of coffee.  Then shower and get started.  It’s a comfortable and predictable routine that I enjoy.

Routines serve a purpose and most of us have one or more.  While they give me comfort and they give me peace, routines also mask the passing of time.  All of a sudden I look up and 300 days are gone.  What have I done, what have I accomplished, what mark have I made in that time?  I don’t want to be Prufrock and measure my life with coffee spoons, or in this case, coffee filters.  Still…I do enjoy my morning coffee routine.  I think I’ll keep it for now.  So, on today’s agenda, after my morning coffee routine and in addition to the other earth shattering things I may or may not do, is a side trip to the store to pick up another 300 coffee filters.


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