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Here I Go Again

running_artAnother soccer season behind me, I have a month until the new one starts.  The big difference between the seasons is the Fall season is focused on club teams.  My club teams practice at night and plays on weekends.  The Spring season is high school.  Those boys practice in the late afternoon and play weeknights.  That gives me most nights and most weekends to run.  That’s when I prefer to run and I start up again in December to get a good foundation and a good routine established.  By the time the season picks up in mid January, I’m back in stride with a good base.

Today’s run was a a good start.  The weather was great – cool, but not cold, the sun shining and the surface dry.  A simple 40 minute jog clocked me in at 4.6 miles.  I’ll go 50 minutes tomorrow and 60 minutes on Saturday.  Then a day off on Sunday, followed by a short 40 minutes on Monday and a long day on Tuesday.  Eventually I’ll adjust the schedule to Monday off, T-W-Th runs of slightly increasing time, Friday off, a short Saturday and a long Sunday.

I really enjoy this time of the year.  The air is crisp, clear and clean.  The heaviness of summer and fall in the South is lifted and that makes it so much easier to breathe.  The lower temps always seem to spur me on and lighten my step.  No more cutting through the humidity.  No more being concerned about Air Quality Alerts.  No more heat radiating up from the asphalt surface.  When I don’t have to fight the elements, it makes the runs so much more pleasant.  While I always look forward to the day’s run, this time of year beckons with more fervor than the month’s preceding.  So it is, with the winter beginning, Here I Go Again.


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