What Was I Thinking: Married/Divorced x 3

A view from my side.

Louisville, KY

photo(6)One last trip before getting everything starts in earnest.  Louisville, KY, home to my extended family.  My brother has been here for 30+ years and my mother moved here about 3 years ago.  For the longest time, we all assumed that when she left San Antonio, she would relocate near me.  But Ex#3 and my nomadic nature put to rest any sincere thought that would happen.  So Louisville it is.

Louisville is a great city.  There is so much happening in and around it.  I always stay at my mother’s, but my brother lives about only about 15 minutes away.  Mother is in the heart of what I call the “Bohemian Mix” part of town.  Encompassing Bardstown Road, the Highlands area is a wonderful mix of people.  Yesterday, at the weekend Farmer’s Market held in a church parking lot that is walking distance from my mother’s, there were as many kids running around playing as there were adults walking around the booths.  Fresh produce from the area was on display along with various other goods and services from local vendors.  There was live music, several small playgrounds, great food and a generally festive attitude.  Everyone there seemed to be enjoying the day.

It also happened to be the morning of “The Big Latch On”.  An event held around world, The Big Latch On is an annual event to support breastfeeding.  It happens world wide over a weekend and this was the weekend for it.  As I said, this is the Bohemian Mix part of town and there were easily 75 or more women, with their children, in attendance ready to participate.  They had set up space next to the Farmer’s Market and were sharing their thoughts, tips and advise to anyone willing to talk with them.  It was an interesting site to see and brought back many memories of when my sons were young.

photo(5)After a morning at the Farmer’s Market, we returned home to put away our goodies and grab a bite for lunch.  Then off to the downtown area to take a walk across the old railroad bridge that has been turned into a walking trail.  The Big Four Bridge spans the Ohio River from Louisville to Jeffersonville, Indiana.  It’s about a mile in length and has a winding, sloping entrance on the Louisville side.  The Indiana side is not yet open, so once you get to the end, you simply turn around.  But, it’s a wonderful walk and the bridge was full of people yesterday.  We had a great time with Kid#4 running ahead from bench to bench, gazing out over the rails, and watching the boats cross under.  The weather was very cooperative, the temps mild and slightly overcast.

Last night’s supper was at an out of the way BBQ joint called Juicy’s.  On the county line, literally next to the railroad tracks, Juicy’s is a jewel.  The plates are full, the sides are tasty, the cobblers are sweet and the atmosphere is perfect.  Parking is on a gravel lot.  Walking in you pass the picnic tables and wood pile outside.  Inside the setting is rustic, befitting a BBQ place.  There are no tablecloths here and your napkin comes form a roll of paper towels at your table.  Your plate is styrofoam, the utensils are plastic and the floor is linoleum.  The scents are what you’d expect, the food is filling and the attitude of the servers is polite yet spunky.  It’s in a dry county, so no beer to go with the food, but the tea is fresh and the customer’s friendly.

I’ve been coming here for years to visit my brother.  Now, I come to visit both he and my mother.  It’s a wonderful place where I can relax, take it easy and enjoy being with family.  There are no pressures here, no expectations other than familial and everyone has a great time.  There are plenty of interesting places to run and plenty of playgrounds and parks to take Kid#4.  While I’m headed back home today, I leave renewed with the spirit of Louisville, KY.



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