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Never Forget the Fun in the Game

Dylan hits a bike on the fieldMikeW over at AdaptiveFitness made a comment on my post The Boys Play On that prompts me to talk about the Fun in the Game.  He commented about the image in my post “evoking pure sport.”  For me, there is nothing more significant in sport than the Fun in the Game.  Nothing more powerful, nothing more moving and nothing more meaningful.

A post I put up a while ago, Bike It, illustrates that point.  I encourage you to read it, obviously, but basically, Kid#3 has always wanted to hit a “Bike” shot.  I use his pursuit of the Bike when I talk to my players at the beginning of every season.  At tonight’s training, I will have that talk with them.  Quoting from the post, the talk goes something like this:

What I tell my players when I talk to them about Dylan’s bikes is to remember that we are playing a game.  And the main reason to play a game is to have fun.  If you can’t have fun doing it, why keep doing it?  The main reason Dylan wants to bury a bike is that it is *fun* to try.  It is *fun* to do so.  He finds *fun* in the attempt and always gets up with a smile on his face after he tries one.  I tell my players never to forget to find the *fun* in playing.  I tell them, if they start to lose the sense of *fun* to come talk to me and let’s try to make some changes to find the *fun* again.

This is a lesson I carry over to the rest of my life as well.  If my players learn nothing else from participating in athletics, let it be this.  The next time you watch a competition, whether it be live, in person, or at home on the television, take a moment to look at the faces of the athletes.  What you’ll see there is pure, unadulterated joy.  That joy comes from playing.  It comes from competing.  It comes from the love of the game.  No matter what the sport…football, basketball, softball, soccer, cricket, gymnastics.  No matter what level of competition, from Little League to Major League, that joy is there, omnipresent in those that play.  I want my boys to experience this joy as I have.  I hope to be able to let them feel the fun and take it to heart.

So thanks, Mike, for reminding me and  for the opportunity to revisit this topic.  There is nothing more pure in sport.  There is nothing more profound.  For those that play and for those that train and for those that compete…Never Forget the Fun in the Game.


One comment on “Never Forget the Fun in the Game

  1. pankajrawat
    July 31, 2013

    Loved the concept of “Fun in the Game”…thanks for reinforcing the same!

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