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Let the Camp Begin

news_soccerOur season officially opens for us this evening. Team Camp runs M-Th this week. The early focus will be on conditioning and touches on the ball. Who knows how long it has been since the boys last ran. Who knows how long it has been since the boys last played. Who knows how long it has been since the boys last did both at the same time.

So I have them for a 2 hour training slot. Warm up, stretch, some individual ball work followed by some intense 1 v 1 play. I learned years ago to set up two full size goals on a 60 x 40 yard playing area. I’ll have multiple 1 v 1 games going on at the same time in the space available. The playing area will be big enough so that if a defender wins a ball near his own goal, he’ll be in a potential break away situation. It’ll be a sprint to the other end and he’ll have to avoid the other “games” going on at the same time. His opponent will have to sprint after him to defend. I don’t let them shot outside of 15 yards, so they have to get close to the goal.

Play a 5 minute “set” against an opponent then switch it up and play somebody different. It’s fast. It’s intense. It’s challenging. The boys have always loved it. It gets the job done. Rotate a couple of pairs out allowing them to rest and I have built in servers and ball chasers for when a ball is “cleared” off the pitch. Play 4-5 “sets” and take a break. Then spend the last 50 minutes of the night in a full field scrimmage against another team from the club. They’ll be spent when the time is up. Let the Camp Begin.


4 comments on “Let the Camp Begin

  1. refinedrandomness
    July 29, 2013

    Hooray…Let your camp begin ! Can my ten yr old son join your team? 😉 You’ve got some great strategies compared to our two day, two hour, practices. Then again, most of the “coaches” are volunteers and really have a love for team and there kids vs the true intense game of soccer which is fine, unless you want your kids into the competitive which sounds more of what your doing.

    • Chuck
      July 29, 2013

      Well, my teams are a bit older. One group is 14 year olds, the other 17/18 year olds. And, it is a competitive team vs a recreational team. At 10 years old, I would be focused on a lot of skill work…dribbling, juggling, turns, “moves to beat an opponent”, etc. Foot on the ball as much as possible!!!!

  2. MikeW
    July 29, 2013

    That is inspiring to parents, this one included! Outstanding!

    • Chuck
      July 29, 2013

      Thanks. Plan a decent session and the players respond. This one should be strenuous as well as fun.

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