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Negative Splits

negsplitsI love running on a day like today.  And, quite frankly, I don’t get days like this very often where I live.  But, today was my last day in Boston and it was just too nice a day outside not to get a run in.  The conference I was here to attend was wrapping up and I had finished a meeting to get the last of the things done I had come here hoping to accomplish.  Since I was ahead of myself and my schedule, I decided to skip the closing session and get in one last run.

Today’s run started off great.  I felt good, my legs strong and my lungs filled easily with air.  I was breathing through my nose and enjoying the cool temps and low humidity.  I mean, how often do I get to run in 66° weather in the middle of July!?  I always start out slow and pick things up as I go along.  My first half mile is basically a slow warm up and then I step up the pace until I feel like I’m where I want to be.  Once I settle in, I just glide through the rest of the run, may unconscious adjustments to terrain, traffic and conditions.

IMG_20130712_115814-1I really enjoyed running through this part of town.  There was a lot to see and I headed out to the East Boston Greenway I had found the other day.  Today I took the lap around the soccer fields and then headed into and through a park.  As I exited the park, I came across and interesting bit of art.  Titled Wind Wheels, I stopped to snap a photo and decided this was a good place to turn around and head back to the hotel.

When I got back to the hotel I looked at the run an realized I had, for the most part, gotten faster with every mile as the run progressed.  Running the first mile at 9:17, I finished up running the 7th mile at a pace of 8:24.  Never once did I feel like I was pushing myself, I was just running comfortably.  These are the runs I enjoy the most.  Out for an indefinite amount of time, just having fun and enjoying the feeling of the run.

I found Boston a fun place to visit and a very fun place in which to run.  A pub trip to the Black Rose along with a walk through Quincy Market capped what was already a very successful trip.  I hope to return here in the near future, perhaps run a race or two here.  And while I am glad to be headed home, it was very nice to have a cool, easy run that resulted in Negative Splits.


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