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Harborside Run

BosHarWell, I got here.  It may have taken the better part of the day, but I made it.  All checked into the hotel and ready for a few days work.  I’m here attending a conference and anticipate being buried in the whole “conference” bit.  They always do everything they can to keep the attendees busy.  Maximize the time (read exposure) in front of the attendees (read clients) and stay on message.  LOL  Actually, this group is not like that at all and I really looking forward to the next few days.

Also, it’s nice to be able to run here, especially given events earlier this year.  Tonight’s run didn’t get me into the heart of the city, but it was scenic.  I hope to be able to get to other parts of Boston, but am not sure how much free time I’ll have.  So, tonight’s run was nice and easy.

The harbor was nice, though the sky was a bit overcast.  The weather was great.  The temp was a mild 64° so even though the humidity was high at 97%, it felt fantastic to be outside.  After running along the harbor for a while, I ended up running along Sumner Street till it basically deadended.  I turned around and crisscrossed the various streets in the area.  I crossed over a Greenway, but couldn’t figure out how to get down to it.  I’ll look that one up on a map later and see if I can’t find an access point.

One thing that was new and different was the smell of the harbor.  Every outside run has its own, unique scents.  Trail runs bring the smells of trees, dirt, mud, and often wild flowers.  Runs on pavement often have an oily, exhaust type of smells that come from the automotive traffic.  Running tracks have that synthetic surface smell.

The smells today were obviously seaside smells.  The salt water.  Since the tide was out, there were exposed, wet rocks covered with seaweed or some such plants.  The smell of the harbor tour pier area was also new.  As I moved away from the water, I was treated with the smells of city (as opposed to suburban) life.  The houses, the restaurants, the shops and the cars.  The combination of scents in today’s run were new for me and I took them in, inhaling deeply at several different spots on the route.

Overall the run took me a little over 5 miles at right around 45 minutes.  Average pace was 8:48 per mile.  Anytime I run in a new place I always find myself looking around at all the new sites.  And tonight’s run was no different.  The photo in this post was taken on route and there was certainly plenty more to see on my Harborside Run.


5 comments on “Harborside Run

  1. thephoenixlearningteam
    July 9, 2013

    That’s pretty fast. I imagine you first miles are 7 minutes which is most sprinting, you are s rabbit…lol

    • Chuck
      July 9, 2013

      It’s a pretty steady pace for me. I start out slow and pick up my pace till it “feels right.”

      • thephoenixlearningteam
        July 9, 2013

        Oh ok….! Got it…I’m not going to lie, I can do it on the treadmill but I live in Napa Valley with alot of hills, I could not even think of 5 miles in 45 minutes

      • Chuck
        July 9, 2013

        Haha. Yeah my course today was pretty flat. But then I wasn’t surrounded by vineyards. Lol

      • thephoenixlearningteam
        July 9, 2013


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