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Out Of Town

deerI have been out of town the last few days, busier than I thought I would be.  Still, I was able to get in a run, albeit a relatively short one.  The weather was good, the temps were cool, and there was a nice, easy breeze in the air.   I was staying at an airport hotel which I thought would be in a fairly industrial area.  It turned out that was only partially true.  Directly across the road from the hotel was a large office park.  It presented a large parking area with a nice perimeter I could run around.  But the office park was also nestled in a field with some water and high growing stalks of something, not really sure what.

At one end of the parking lot there was a small pond and a field of these stalks.  As I rounded the edge of the lot, there was the expected gaggle of geese.  But I also saw two deer, plain as day, just hanging out.  Now, I’m used to seeing deer on my runs, that is nothing new.  But these two didn’t spook easy and one simply looked up at me as I stepped closer to snap its picture.  Kind of giving me that “hey…I live here, what are you doing in my parking lot!” look.  I saw them, or another pair, later when I looped around that end of the parking lot a second time.  This time, they were skirting the edge of the field where all the stalks were.

phillrunThe rest of the run was uneventful.  I grew tired of the parking lot and headed up the main road for a few turns as well.  It was a two lane, one way road with wide shoulders on both sides, making it easy to both face the traffic and stay out of its way.  It quickly took me into a neighborhood, past some very small but neatly kept houses.  I looped around to opposite flow heading back, the other direction of the same one way street.  It was a nice easy run with some fun sites to see.  Plenty of people out, working in their yards or sitting on their porches.  Most actually waved as I strode by.  It added to the already secure feeling of comfort I had running there and I finished up at the 40 minute, 4.6 mile mark.  I always try to fit in at least one run when I’m away and this one made me glad I did.  Sometimes, it’s nice to be Out of Town.


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