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Damn the Heat

photoSummer has finally arrived here.  It’s been toying with us.  Playing with us.  The temps have crept up and then dropped back down.  But it has finally shown up and stuck around.  The Heat Index this afternoon during my run…101°F.  After 5.5 miles in this heat today, I was ready to call it quits.

I am a Southerner and as such, am mostly acclimated to temps such as these.  My soccer teams regularly practice in 100°F+ weather from late July-late August.  We will play a tournament in the heat of the month.  That means 2 matches on a single day in those kinds of temps for two days back to back.  The boys will spend the non playing hours inside, in air-conditioned comfort or sitting in the pool at the hotel.  But still, 2 matches, over 160 minutes running on the field, averaging 4-5 miles per match for some players, 6-7 for others.

Part of the reason I run in the heat of the day during the summer is to be prepped and ready for the practice sessions we will start in late July.  The conditioning to required to run and play in this heat doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes time and effort to be able to work through a 2 hour practice session when it’s this hot.  And I’ll be damned if I’m going to expect something from my players that I’m not prepared to give them.

We take plenty of water breaks.  We get out of the sun and into some shade.  We have misters to spray water on us.  We have coolers filled with cold water and wash cloths to wipe down our face, neck and head.  We have trainers on hand in case anyone shows any signs or symptoms of heat related illness.  We aren’t idiots flirting with heat exhaustion.  We’re athletes, conditioned to play in the weather of our location.

Another reason I run in the heat of the day is because that is the time that works best for me and my body.  I truly am not a morning person.  Running in the mornings would require either hitting the pavement at 5:30 or cutting my runs short.  I have no desire to do either.  My natural rhythms work best for me if I can run/train between the hours of 3:00-9:00 p.m.  During the summer I can leave work at 3:00 and am running by 4:00.  During the seasons, I am at the fields by 5:00 and finishing up around 8:30.  I will often get a run in after practice or, will play with the boys, getting some running in during practice.  It’s not the same thing, I get it, but I treat it like a Fartlek workout.  Sprint…jog…run…sprint…run…sprint…jog.  You get the idea.  By the time I’ve participated in two sessions over the course of a night, I’ve had close to 2 hours of running should I choose to join in.

So it starts.  The summer heat that will eventually find our ambient air temps at or over 100°F and our Heat Index at or over 110°F.  You can’t just walk out in that and play, train, or run unprepared.  You have to work up to it.  You have to be used to it.  You have to have conditioned yourself for it.  You have to be ready for it.  And, you have to respect it.  But when you’re ready, you can step outside and say Damn the Heat.



9 comments on “Damn the Heat

  1. runner1313
    June 28, 2013

    It has been hot. Always humid in NC here at home, makes it even more difficult. Stay hydrated.

    • Chuck
      June 28, 2013

      I drink water like a fish all day and into the night. I’ve discovered the Mio and Dasani “flavor enhancers” and keep those handy. It helps when there is some taste to what I’m drinking.

  2. Mind Margins/Run Nature
    June 28, 2013

    This Texas girl hates running in the summer. I do it, I hate it, and when the cooler temps hit later in the fall I’m amazed at how fast I can fly!

    • Chuck
      June 28, 2013

      I remember running in the Texas heat. San Antonio in June, Dallas in August…whew! Almost the same heat here, but more humid. That really saps the energy.

      • poesravenlady
        July 29, 2013

        I hate running. If you ever see me running, drop what you’re doing and join me, because I am most certainly being chased by something formidable–ok…or tiny. I’m scared of small creatures too. But seriously, I hate running and the heat, and Louisiana heat is a beast unto itself. I have learned to fear the beast and thus avoid it by moving stealthily from a/c to a/c. I’ve mastered that skill! 🙂 Now walking, I can handle…in the Fall or Winter and even the early Spring. Truth is, I hate being sweaty, even briefly. It results in multiple showers and a costly water bill. Don’t hate me… we all have our horrible details! 🙂

      • Chuck
        July 29, 2013

        Running for me is both an occupational hazard and a joy. I find that I can push away the stresses of the day and clear my body and soul of all the crap life threw at me. The same holds with soccer. Stepping on the field, crossing the stripe and immersing myself in the session lifts my spirit and leaves me feeling renewed.

        Too bad you hate to sweat…some things, if done right, should leave you sweaty and panting, even if the a/c is working properly. 🙂

      • poesravenlady
        July 29, 2013

        You got me there, although that can be done in the shower also. If done correctly, I wouldn’t be thinking about anything else, especially sweat. Gonna be a long day now … thx 😉

      • Chuck
        July 29, 2013

        You’re more than welcome. Enjoy your day. 🙂

      • poesravenlady
        July 29, 2013

        Thx. You too.

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