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Just Run

whyrunIt’s warm today here.  Warmer than lately, but not as warm as usual.  The humidity was up, 65%, but not as bad as it often gets.  The Heat Index during my run was 95°F.  But I’m a Southern boy.  I’m used to it.  The sky was overcast meaning the Sun wasn’t beating down on me.  A nice day to be out and about, running.

A lot of the blogs I’ve been reading lately have been writing about motivation.  As people move into the summer months, what motivates them to continue running in the heat.  What motivates them to either get up early to beat it or go inside to avoid it or simply pound their way through it.  I’ve been active my entire life.  If I wasn’t playing football, baseball, soccer, golf, tennis, running, biking, etc., I must have been at home, sick in bed.  For me, the opportunity running presents is to simply be with my own thoughts.  If I’m not plugged into an audio book, I’m working on a practice plan for a team, or solving a problem at work, or figuring out something that has been bothering me on a personal level.  Or just enjoying the sights, sounds and solitude of the run.

I also find that I continually compete with myself.  Running farther or faster or with better form or up steeper hills, or some such thing.  I always find something to challenge myself.  Today it was picking up the pace on the hill section of my run and not letting the overall pace of my run slow down to compensate.  Since the course I was on today was a loop, I hit the hill section 5 times.  I picked up the pace and held it all the way up the hill.  While I slowed a bit at the top, I didn’t let my overall pace fall below my target.  I didn’t set a PR for this course today, but today I accomplished what I set out to do.

Whatever my reasons or motivations, I usually find myself pounding the pavement 4-6 days a week.  Even when I’m not at home, I take my shoes and shorts with me on the road.  A few weeks ago, I ran down by the East River in NYC.  In the next 3 weeks, I’ll be visiting Louisville, KY, Philadelphia, PA and Boston, MA.  I’ll be running in each location, somewhere at some point regardless of how “busy” I am on the activities that are taking me there.  I’m not now, nor will I ever be, an elite runner.  I understand that and have absolutely no issue with it.  I run…well, I run because…well…I Just Run.


4 comments on “Just Run

  1. runningtoherdreams
    June 25, 2013

    Great post! I too have been active all of my life. I don’t need any motivation to get out there and run. I love it!

    • Chuck
      June 25, 2013

      Thanks. It’s just what we do. 🙂

  2. diawalker
    June 25, 2013

    I was much more active when I was younger, but I must say that I am truly enjoying running – even though there are days I talk myself out of it, but I loved your post!

    • Chuck
      June 25, 2013

      No…no talking yourself out if it. Just run! 🙂

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