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5.5 Miles and Grilled Chicken

ouchYesterday’s run left me feeling pretty good.  The temps were reasonable, mid 80’s, and the humidity acceptable.  The simple route I run near my house is essentially a 1.2 mile loop, and running it has become almost a rote activity.  As a result, I often tune out my surroundings and either plug in my audio book de jour or go somewhere mentally, focusing on some problem, issue, event or other personal thoughts that may be of concern.  At those times, my feet keep moving, my breathing is steady, my pace is whatever I happen to fall into and I find myself stopping, well…whenever.  Yesterday, that was after 5.5 miles.

The only problem with checking out like that is I fail to remember that even though my route is off the beaten path, it is actually a road route.  Yesterday, making the turn at the half way point, I failed to look behind me.  As I turned right to cross the street I was surprised by the large pickup truck heading out of the park.  Fortunately I caught myself, corrected my course and avoided becoming a hood ornament.  The poor lady driving the truck wasn’t sure whether she should stop, speed up, or swerve to get past me and I could see the look of dread on her face as I sauntered past her window.  I smiled sheepishly, waved and pattered on, only slightly more aware of my surroundings.  Whew…

grillchikAfter showering and getting cleaned up, it was time to eat.  I had decided on a grilled chicken breast, but what to go with it?  It was already pushing 6:30 by this time, so I didn’t really relish the thought of anything that was going to take a lot of time.  I plugged in my George Foreman grill, grabbed a can of Del Monte corn and a packet of Idahoan Baby Red potatoes.  I had put the chicken breast in a ziplock bag, added some Lea & Perrins for flavor and let it sit on the counter, coming up to room temperature while I got cleaned up after my run.  A quick 4 minutes on the grill later and I had a hot and satisfying meal.  I realized, looking at my plate, that I had inadvertently loaded up on starchy foods.  Guess I’ll wear a dress shirt tomorrow and starch it from the inside out, ‘ay?  🙂  A tall glass of ice cold water went with it, though feel free to add a cooled Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio.  (Unless, of course, you’re a wine snob and disdain Pinot Grigio.)  Anyway, a quick, simple, summer time meal.  All totaled up, around 475ish calories.


2 comments on “5.5 Miles and Grilled Chicken

  1. runningoffkilter
    June 22, 2013

    Really? You just casually ran 5.5 miles? Pfft! Glad you missed the hood ornament business. I’ve not had that issue running yet, it’s a different story on my road bike. Apparently it’s an invisibility cloak.

    • Chuck
      June 22, 2013

      yeah, those people on bikes…lemme tell you! LOL I know how tough it can be on a bike. I don’t ride them, but drive around the bikers quite a lot here. I always give them a wide berth, but it sometimes seems like some drivers go out of their way to cut it close. be safe out there!

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