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What Happened to the Food

fifeI got an email the other day from a friend who follows the blog…”What happened to all the food?” was the question.  It dawned on me that it has been a long time since I’ve posted any food related entries.  Life has been so busy lately that I’ve found myself eating out or eating rushed more and more.  Also, the boys aren’t eating at home anymore, two being waiters and one living at college, so I’ve also only been cooking for one.  Finally, I’ve been out of town recently and am headed out again pretty soon.  As a result, I just haven’t been cooking as much or as “post worthy” as I was a few months ago.

But, while I was out of town, I did eat well.  One place in particular was in Kent, CT, at a place called the Fife N’ Drum.  Quaint and out of the way, it was a pleasant “surprise find”.  Kent is certainly a nice town, but I did not anticipate a place quite like the Fife N’ Drum there.  I should have known better, though, having grown up in and around small towns my whole life.  It is often in towns just like Kent that one finds a restaurant just like the Fife N’ Drum.  The exterior, while nice, does not really prepare you for what you find inside.  Dark, woody tones, hardwood floors, brick walls and linen table clothes.  I had expected something much less formal in look and style…something akin to a pub.

The menu had a range of choices and I decided on the Oven Baked Tilapia with Herb Panko Crust – Lemon Chive Vinaigrette.  It was truly wonderful.  Baked to perfection, the fillet was moist while the crust had a nice crunch.  I was greeted with a burst of flavor from the vinaigrette, followed by the crunch of the panko coating and finished with the moist flesh of the fish itself.  Three wonderfully exquisite taste experiences in one simple bite.  I could have eaten multiple servings, but, of course, settled on the one.  The meal began with a Caesar salad and I selected green beans and simple mashed potatoes for side dishes.  The beans were crisp and flavorful, neither overcooked nor raw.  The potatoes were creamy and had not a hint of salt, which is exactly how I prefer them.  A basket of freshly baked bread was put on the table and all was right with the meal.

I enjoy fish and don’t get enough of it at home.  The boys don’t care for it much so I’ve never really cooked it very often.  The last time I cooked fresh fish, (Food, Glorious Food) the boys grudgingly ate a half portion each.  But I will be making my own baked Tilapia with Panko crust soon enough.  It is certainly much less expensive than fresh halibut!  And, since I’m running much more lately, I really should focus on a wider variety of healthier foods.  I can’t properly fuel my runs on burgers, wings and fries now can I?  So, to my friend who sent the email…yes, I will start cooking and posting again soon.  You were right to wonder What Happened to the Food.


2 comments on “What Happened to the Food

  1. runningoffkilter
    June 20, 2013

    Fish is forced meal in this house, which seems a little weird to me since I grew up mostly on proteins we harvested ourselves. Fish, venison, etc…I’ve just never cared for it. You mean I can’t fuel with burgers and beer? I need to rethink this running thing. : )

    • Chuck
      June 20, 2013

      ah yes…burgers, dogs, beer, margaritas…the true essence of life. 🙂

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