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Early Morning Run

parentingToday is Father’s Day.  While my sons all lived with me, even after my split from Ex#2, my daughter, Kid#4, does not.  But, she will get to spend the day with me.  Ex#3 dropped her off after church this morning  and she immediately ran into her brother’s, Kid#2, room, to wake him up.  It’s funny to watch and listen as they play their little game.  She wants him to get up and he assures her he will, soon, while he wants nothing more than a few more hours sleep.

Knowing I would have Morgan today, I decided to get up and run this morning.  I’m not usually a morning runner, which explains why I don’t run in too many races.  My morning routine just doesn’t embrace it.  I much prefer to run between 3:00-7:00 p.m.  It serves as time for me to shed away the stress of the day, to transition from my work day to my personal day and to give me the mental adjustment I look forward to when I run.  I get the same sort of thing out of coaching as well and during the soccer seasons, stepping on a field does as much for me as taking the first steps on an evening run.

The heat has come to my part of the country, so running in the morning is actually a good idea.  Friday afternoon’s run was a bit warm.  Though my route is shaded, the temps were in the mid 90’s and I was dripping with sweat when I finished.  This morning, the temps were in the high 70’s and there was a nice breeze to accompany my run.  I seem stuck on this mileage lately, 4.5 miles, and I’m not really sure why.  I’ve been out of town, and traveling the way I did does have a tendency to disrupt my routine.  I’m planning on a longer run tomorrow afternoon, assuming the forecast thunderstorms don’t hit too early.  While I don’t mind running in the rain, thunderstorms, with their lightning, are a different matter.  If they rear their ugly heads, I’ll find myself on a treadmill.  Hopefully, I’ll get a good 6 or 7 miles in tomorrow.

But today, the run was early and the run was easy.  This afternoon…I’m heading out and about with Kid#4.  We’ll hit the park, find some ice cream, run some errands and generally have a good time.  Her birthday is coming up soon, so we may go a few places where she can show me some of her “I want”s.  She didn’t want to run today, so we won’t be doing that.  At least, not until we get to the park, where I’m sure she’ll take off with her “can’t catch me, daddy” game.  To have the time to play those kind of games with my daughter, I’ll always make an Early Morning Run.


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