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Thoughts on My Girl

photo(4)Kid#4 is adopted. She was placed in my arms when she was all of 9 days old. I’ve heard so many adoption story nightmares that I figured it would be years before we would find a child to bring home. Thousands of dollars on agencies, on travel, on legal fees spent during the search. More than one disappointment as some rule or regulation or bureaucrat gets in the way. They say one of the world’s rarest finds is a healthy infant girl for adoption. We experienced none of the nightmares. We finished our home study and other paperwork at the end of May. Before July 4th, we had Morgan in hand. I almost felt guilty for having found her so soon. “Chuck Luck” had struck again.

My relationship with Kid#4 is strained by her mother. One of the main reasons she is an Ex is that she micro manages not only her life, but tries to micro manage the lives of those around her as well. I will not be micro managed by anyone, let alone her. I’ve been told countless times that Kid#4 will not be a soccer player. That Kid#4 will probably not participate in anything athletic due to her epilepsy. (Which is now, very well controlled, not even a simple myoclonic jerk.) That Kid#4 will find her “talent” on something other than a playing field.

Imagine Ex#3’s surprise when Kid#4 wanted to participate in the “Moving and Grooving” campaign at her school. The kids run a marathon, one mile at a time, over the course of several weeks to raise money. When I asked Morgan why she wanted to do that, her reply…”you run, Daddy. I want to, too!” Talk about bringing a smile to my face. She asked me to run the Final Mile with her so I took the morning off and did just that. Ran with my daughter.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day. My boys, all older and…well, boys, will no doubt say “Happy Father’s Day, Dad” but will also either be working or otherwise occupied at dinner time. They are at that age where it isn’t fun to hang out with dad right now. I know they will come back to dinner’s out and such things in a few years, but their early 20’s is their time. Morgan…well…she’s about to be 6. I’ll have her with me tomorrow, taking her back to her mother after dinner. We will spend the day having fun and just might take a very short little run. She wanted to keep her Moving and Grooving medal here at my place. Ex#3 wouldn’t let her, but that’s ok. That she wanted to was sweet.

So…anyway…I just wanted to share some of my Thoughts on My Girl.


2 comments on “Thoughts on My Girl

  1. rundebbsrun
    June 15, 2013

    This made me tear up a little. I know what it’s like sharing a child with an ex, and it’s definitely not easy. You’re being a great daddy to share something so positive with her. Keep up the good work. Thumbs up! 🙂

    • Chuck
      June 15, 2013

      Thanks. She’s a fun girl to have around.

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