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Out of Town Run

UNGlobeI often find myself out of town.  Usually for a soccer tournament, but often for other reasons.  The last few days, I was using New York City as a staging ground for a few trips upstate to help a student evaluate the best option for him for a New England boarding school.  He had narrowed it down to two, and I went along at the family’s request, to assist in the selection process.  All in all, it was a very busy, but fun time.

While there, I got to spend two full days in New York.  While I have been there before, I have always been there strictly on business with very little free time.  This trip was different.  I found myself with two full days, free to roam around, walking here and there, just generally being a tourist.  Of the many activities I took in, one was a nice run by along the East River.

I ran both Saturday and Sunday.  Just a short run from the UN Bldg. to the Williamsburg Bridge and back.  After about a half a mile or so on 1st Avenue, I was able to take a left and head down to the East River.  The weather both days was spectacular, cool and refreshing.  The run was nice and the route was filled with all sorts of people on all sorts of adventures.

The route took me past one of the Tour Boat docks and both days the docks were crowded with people waiting to board.  Further down the route, there were many people fishing off the railing, most with multiple poles in the water, little bells attached to warn them of a bite should they be tending another pole.  There were people on rented bikes (available for rental from credit card stands all over the city), people on personal bikes, people on skates and skate boards.  There was a place I dubbed “Tanning Rock”, where people were laid out on a few large rocks by the river taking in the sun.  There were baseball fields, soccer fields, basketball courts and tennis courts.  There was the river and the sites on the other side, and, of course, there were the other runners, walkers, and people just outside enjoying their day.

The whole run was just under 6 miles, but it was an enjoyable 6 miles.  My runs at home, while enjoyable, offer nothing compared to the scenery, people and activities taking place on this route.  I always try to get a run in when I’m out of town but don’t always succeed.  This route is one I will always remember and hope to take again in the future.  I’ve always wondered what it is like to get “out and about” in a city like New York for something as simple as a run.  And now I know.  It was a blast.  And now, I can’t wait for my next Out of Town Run.


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