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Simple and Slow

simpleAn easy 4.5 miles yesterday and all feels well.  The pace was easy and the weather wonderful.  Slowly everything loosened up and I fell into stride.  The day was beautiful, a slight breeze moving the air, keeping it fresh.  The humidity was low and the trail was all mine.

I had decided to keep the run relatively short since the day before my hamstrings had stubbornly refused to cooperate.  All I wanted to accomplish amounted to not much more than an exaggerated warm up.  I figured I would get the blood flowing, get the muscles warm and stretch.  After about half a mile, I could feel my hamstrings loosen up and my stride lengthen just a tad.  A perfect mid-foot strike on the pavement and my legs started to feel really good.  After the first mile I stepped up the pace a bit and turned my attention to the audiobook I was listening to.

Even though everything was going well, I decided not to push it.  My timer hit 40 minutes, my self-imposed time limit for the day, and I stopped.  While I felt like I could have gone on, I’ve also learned to plan my run and run my plan.  Especially after a mishap like I had on Sunday.  I’ve certainly gone longer than planned and I’ve cut several runs short for a variety of reasons, but this day I met my goal and stuck with it.  I knew today would be an off day and that tomorrow I would start pushing the times back up.  Some days, I just keep things Simple and Slow.


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