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Feeling Good

feeling-goodToday was a good day on several levels for me.  First of all, the vertigo is gone.  None the worse for wear, I woke up at my usual time ready to face the day without having to worry about getting dizzy or stumbling into a wall.

Second, the UEFA Championship match was shown live and I was able to watch it.  And a phenomenal match it was.  Bayern finally won a championship after so many years of coming in 2nd.  Dortmund didn’t roll over for them by any means and Bayern won it with an incredible goal by Robben in the 89th minute.  The match was filled with fantastic saves by the keepers, rocket shots on goal, and a pace that challenged the fitness of every player on the pitch.  A true heart stopper of a match, it was worth the time sitting on my butt to watch it.  The match was, in a word…WOW.

Finally, I was able to get back on the pavement.  An hour’s run took me 6.5 miles at an easy pace.  The weather was clear and the temps were mild.  Low humidity and a light breeze made the day perfect for running.  There were several other people out running, walking, jogging and enjoying being outside.  What a day today was.  It was a great day for Feeling Good.


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