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Back in Stride

Stride_LogoMy training week ends on Sundays with a long run.  Long for me this Sunday was 70 minutes…just over 7.5 miles.  Monday is a day off.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are shorter days, but at a quicker pace.  Friday is an off day, followed by a longer than TWTh, but shorter than Sunday run.

Monday’s run was 45 minutes, 5 miles.  It was the first run this season in over 90ºF heat, but, well, living where I do, it’s about time.  At least the route offers some shade.  Wednesday and Thursday the target is 50 minutes each day.  60 minutes on Saturday then 80 minutes on Sunday.  It’s a reasonable plan.  Hopefully I’ll be able to stick with it.

I realize I started this in December with an eye toward a late March Half Marathon.  Life, as it often does, intervened, and I ended up putting off any regular running at all.  Oh, I could get 2 or 3 runs in, sure, but that only kept a base going.  Now I have a short window of time to stick with the plan and train to run a Half in June.  There are quite a few within a few hours drive with plenty of places to stay.  I can see from here to there.  It feels good to be Back in Stride.


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