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Running in the South

humidI’ve been a southern boy my entire life.  I love living down “he-yah” and have adjusted to the heat.  What makes things difficult at times, though, is the humidity.  My current city puts me at the tail end of a mountain chain, giving us cooler misty air coming off the mountains.  Also, I’m close enough to the coast to get the warm moist air from the Gulf.  They tend to collide pretty much where I live and it makes for some very humid days.  It’s humid in the morning.  It’s humid in the afternoon.  It’s humid at night.  Rarely does it “dry out” during the summer months, though it does happen from time to time.

Everyone has their preferred time of the day to run.  Some people are morning runners.  They get up and run just fine at 6:00 a.m.  Others prefer to run at night.  I am, unfortunately, a mid to late afternoon runner.  Couple that with my location, and it can make for some very difficult runs.  My run yesterday was earlier in the day, around noon.  But it was a Sunday and I’m normally at work at noon.  Even so, the humidity was already fairly high and while the temp was relatively mild, about 82°, it made for a drenching run.  Watching the weather report on the local news last night, I saw that our temps are headed up and our humidity with it.  This coming week will still be cool enough for me to run late afternoons (temps should stay in the 80’s), but the humidity will be pushing the limits of reasonable.

In the past, I’ve accommodated the heat/humidity by either running inside on a treadmill or running earlier in the day.  Neither is attractive to me but one or the other will eventually become necessary.  In the height of the summer months here, it often stays above 80° over night.  So even an early morning run can leave you drenched in the sweat of the heat/humidity combo.  It’s not the most fun, but it is something we learn to live with.  Just as I’m sure those up north adjust to the cold, I’ve adjusted to my summers of Running in the South.


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