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So Much For Planning

achillesOk then, time to re-group and re-schedule.  The original plan was to run my Half either this weekend or next.  I still may try next weekend, but it is doubtful.  Since my Running on Schedule post, my schedule has fallen apart.  A variety of things have been the cause, from weather, to kids, to small injuries, to too little time in the day.  It all boils down to not having been able to stick with any kind of consistency in training at all for the last three weeks.  I should have been building miles/minutes and instead I’ve been lucky to run twice a week.

The latest issue to sideline me was Achilles Tendon pain.  I was forced to run inside on a treadmill recently due to the rain.  I was determined to run as it had been such a long time since I had run with any regularity and the planned race day was coming up soon.  I had been on a relatively short run the day before, about 4 miles.  The day on the treadmill I figured to go about 5-6 miles, roughly 50 minutes.  I warmed up for 5 minutes then set the pace at about 9 minutes per mile and dialed the incline up to 2 to make up for the fact that the treadmill was doing much of the work for me.  Off I went, with no ill effects, running a total of about 50 minutes.  The run felt great and I finished with a 5 minute cool down and my usual post run stretches.  All in all, I was pleased.

The next morning I woke up to an extreme pain in my left Achilles area.  Wow…I could barely put any weight on my foot, much less walk.  It hurt all on its own, just laying there in bed with no weight being put on it at all.  In all my years of athletic endeavors, from middle school through now, I had never, ever felt anything like that.  It was not that the pain was intense, but it was constant, nagging and made worse by everything I did.  It shot up into my calf if I tried to walk in a normal walking motion, the foot rolling and the weight shifting back to front as one strides forward.  I could walk if I placed my foot flat on the ground and lifted it straight up.  But that was it.

That forced me to the bench for several days.  I am going out today for a short easy run to see how well it holds up.  I have been walking, pain free, for about 3 days now.  Ice and ibuprofen were my good friends for about 2 days when it started, but I have just been resting, taking it easy and laying off any kind of exertion at all.  I’m hopeful the injury was just an odd occurrence, perhaps a reaction to the incline on the treadmill.  We shall see later today.

Even if I am able to run today, I am doubtful I’ll run next week.  My training regimen has fallen from approximately 30 miles a week to less than 10 miles a week the last three weeks.   My best shot at meeting my goals will be a race in May somewhere.  I’m sure I can find one, there’s a Half within a day’s drive of here just about every weekend of the year.  One thing I learned many years ago is that sometimes it is best to simply adjust to what life throws at me rather than senselessly fight it.  So much for planning…


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