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Coughing Fits Don’t Mix

coughCough, cough, cough.  That nagging, won’t go away raspy semi dry cough.  I hate it.  It creeps up on me from time to time, usually when it is cold and wet outside.  It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it sticks around for a while.  A few coughs here and there during the day remind me it hasn’t gone away.  It usually makes its presence known most annoyingly at night, when I lay down and go horizontal.  A few sips of some over the counter cough syrup most often does the trick and allows me to sleep, but I really despise that lingering, nagging, weight on my lungs.

It also affects how I train.  It slows me down or stops me altogether.  This week, I’ve run 2 days.  I can blame some of that on the fact that I do not run outside in downpours, but I have been known to run in moderate rains and drizzles.  But not this week.  Finally, today, the sun is out and the weather is clearing.  I’m hopeful that this will also help my lungs clear so I can get back on track.  My Half is coming up in a month and while I feel confident in completing it, losing a full week only a month away is irritating.  Coughing fits don’t mix with my plans.  Blah


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