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The Week Goes By Fast

hourglass1Life has been busy, to say the least.  The Tide won the Big Game and all seemed right with the world.  I love it when things work out the way I want them to.  It happens more often than I give life credit for, I freely admit that.  I like looking up one day and realizing that I’ve been on a roll and that life has been one smooth ride for a while.

I’m right on schedule in my running program.  My goal was 5 runs and 20 miles.  I finished with 5 runs and 21.6 miles.  The pace of each run is getting slightly stronger and I’m still getting faster with each mile.  I’m starting to get the “feel” of the pace which is a good thing.  Before marrying Ex#3, I could tell you within a few seconds what my pace was at any point in a run.  I knew when I was running an 8:00 mile, a 7:30 minute mile, etc.  I could tell by my breathing, my stride length and foot speed how fast I was going.  It was important knowing that, as it helped me pace myself for the length, time for that day’s plan.  I didn’t need a watch and landmarks, I took my cues from my body.

I am starting to get back to that point again.  It’s nice to be able to adjust my pace up or down and know how fast I am going.  It will be key to my finishing my Half in March.  I want to keep a certain pace in the run and I’d rather be taking my cues from my body than the landmarks and my watch.  Those of you that run a lot will understand exactly what I’m talking about.  Being in tune with my rhythm and keeping in sync with my body is part of why I run.  And, it carries over into my other activities.  It helps keep me balanced and calm throughout the day.

Today starts a new week.  It’s another long, slow day.  It’s the beginning of a new total as I push the weekly mileage up a bit.  I’m at the pace I want to be, so today’s run will be more about the total time as opposed to distance.  Still, if the time and pace are where I want them, I’ll be just under 7 miles. On schedule for my Half.  I’m feeling very good about the progress I’ve made so far and I’m looking forward to staying on top of it.

This week also brings with it the start of the soccer conditioning program.  The training plan is a mix of distance and sprint runs and the boys have been told what to expect.  We had our opening, timed 2 mile run the other day.  We have a LOT of work to do.  But, the first match isn’t until February 11, so we have some time.  We can put a ball on the ground next Monday.

I’m excited by the potential of the new season.  Coupled with my personal goals, I’m looking forward next few months.  But, on the short side, I just want the week to go by fast.


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