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Long Runs Are Relative

longrunSundays are my day for a “long run”.  I put it in quotes because it is a relative term.  As someone just getting back into a training program and only looking to run a Half marathon, my “long run” is nowhere near what others are running.  So with that caveat, I completed the first long run in my 12 week plan.

Rather than focus on total distance, I decided that my long runs would focus more 0n total time.  Of course, with increased time, theoretically, comes increased distance.  My first goal is to simply complete my the Half.  Secondarily, I’d like to do so in as close to 2 hours as I can.  That works out to an average pace of roughly 9:10 per mile.  So for my long runs, I have two goals.  The first is to simply run a set amount of time.  The second is to run at a certain pace.  As I’ve only been running again for about a month, my goal today was to run a total of 50 minutes at a pace less than 9:30 per mile.

I’m happy to say, I easily met both goals today, averaging 9:21 per mile.  I felt comfortable the entire run, never feeling as though I was pushing myself hard at all.  My lungs were good, my legs felt fine and I have no residual discomfort at all.  I forced myself to stop at the appointed time even though I felt like I could go longer, because I fear doing too much, too soon.  I’ve done that before, ended up stressing or straining something and then spent 2-4 weeks healing.  So, I’m doing my best to stick to the program.  I’m going to keep my eye on the long-term goal which is to be fit and ready to run a Half in late March.  Over the course of the next 11 weeks, my long runs will get longer, but I understand that my long runs are relative.


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