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Time for New Shoes

dilbertI’ve decided to run a half in late March.  I haven’t picked the site yet, but there are so many choices I’m not too worried.  Some place flat comes to mind…Florida anyone?  But I digress…new shoes, yes, that’s it.

It’s time for a new pair.  Since I haven’t done any serious training in quite some time, I haven’t been in the shoe market.  The shoes I’m running in now I’ve had for longer than I’d care to admit.  Buying new shoes has become such a complicated endeavor.  I found out years ago that I have a tendency to over pronate, every so slightly, so I know I need a shoe that provides some stability.  Since I’ve decided to run a longer distance, I’ve slowed down a bit and the result has been a shorter stride.

I’m looking at the New Balance 870 V2 and the Nike LunarGlide+ 4.  Both appear to have decent reviews and, like all shoes, have their pros and cons.  I’m looking for a shoe to train for and run a half in late March.  Like all things, people have their opinions.  So why not ask…what shoes are you using and what are their pros and cons?


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