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The Slow Drive Home

Drive slow warningI love visiting family in KY.  It’s fun, it’s refreshing and it’s what you do during the holidays.  But, like all good things, the visit comes to an end and it’s time for the slow drive home.  Made slower, of course, by the company of my 5-year-old daughter, Kid#4.

As always, she has been going full speed the entire time we’ve been here.  She has never met a stranger and has a tendency to introduce herself to just about anyone she meets.  In the park yesterday, a young boy appeared over the rise, on an obvious path across the park.  Bouncing a basketball, it was apparent he was not to be stopping at the park since it has no basketball court.  Kid#4 ran up to him, introduced herself and asked for his name.  He said hello and told her his name.  She asked where he was going and if he wanted to stop and play with her for a while. He said he was headed home, but sure, he would play for a few minutes on the way.  He stayed a few minutes, helping her onto some of the equipment and playing a short game of “chase” with her.  After a while, he took up his basketball, waved good-bye and walked off.  Kid#4 came over to me, ready now to go back to her grandmother’s and said, “he was nice to play with me, wasn’t he?”

On my usual visits here, I do not have Kid#4 with me.  Normally, I make the drive quickly, stopping once for gas and otherwise holding a decent highway speed the entire way.  Having Kid#4 as a passenger in the back, however, slows the trip down considerably.  We stop for all sorts of things.  In addition to frequent stops for bathroom breaks, we will pull over for a variety of sites along the way.  A dinosaur park here, a horse park there, a museum or even some very pretty wildflowers.  It doesn’t take much for her to want to stop the car, get out and experience life.

I truly enjoy having her with me.  I have always been one to stop along life’s path for a detour that looks invitingly fun.  Ex#2 was that way as well and it made for very interesting road trips.  One time, en route cross-country, she screamed at the top of her lungs…”WEEDS!!!  I WANT THOSE WEEDS!”  She was in one of those create floral displays from dried flowers and weeds phases at the time and, by god, she saw some weeds she wanted.  LOL  I get a kick out of moments like that and will always take the time out of my life for them.  Ex#3…not so much.

So, Kid#4 and I will be on the road shortly, on our way back home.  I’m sure the trip will take longer than normal and I’m sure we’ll find something fun to investigate.  Which is fine with me.  I’d much rather take the time to live my life, rather than rush through it, missing all the fun stuff.  It is in my nature to always look forward to The Slow Drive Home.


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