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The Power of Hot Chocolate

hotchocolateIt is cold here in Louisville.  Or, at least, cold to me.  My southern soul just doesn’t know what to do with temps once they dip into the 20’s.  But over the course of the day, the temps rose into the 30’s so Morgan and I decided we would be okay.  We did, however, stop and shop for an appropriate winter jacket!  It does get cold a few weeks out of the year where we live and the wind can certainly whip up a storm.  Done with our shopping, it was time for lunch.

Mother loves Lynn’s Paradise Cafe, a place filled with “character” here in Louisville.  She will take any excuse to go, so off we went.  Since it is never too late in the day for breakfast, Morgan had the plate sized pancake.  I had a traditional scrambled eggs and bacon breakfast, but instead of the usual coffee, the cold screamed at me for a hot chocolate.  Morgan wanted chocolate milk, so I ordered one for myself.

Hot Chocolate is one of those comfort foods for me.  Like Cheerios, it takes me back to a more peaceful time.  A time when all was right with the world and the world’s problems could be solved by the knowing wisdom of my parents.  Coming in from the cold, chilled to the bone, my father would warm us up with a big cup of hot chocolate.  Never “too hot” to drink, it seemed to melt away the cold in sync with the melting of the mini marshmallows sprinkled on top.  The soothing, comforting nectar would slide down my throat, warming me from the inside out.  We would sit around the table, however many of us had come inside at the time, reliving the snowball fight, the great sled ride or whatever other adventure we had before realizing we were too cold to continue.

Upon seeing the hot chocolate, Morgan decided she must have some.  So, she drank from my mug as she delighted at the shape of it.  The whipped cream on her nose, the slurping of the liquid, and the look of pure joy on her face let me know that, right now, all was “right with the world” just like it was at my kitchen table so many years ago.  Too young to understand the violence of the world she is coming into, the innocence of her smile struck a chord with me.

I remembered the feelings when my boys, Kids#1-3, were young, all sitting around the table drinking their hot chocolates.  I had the same fears back then…how could people be so violent, so evil, so cruel to others and how would the boys react to it all.  I know now, of course, that that is a fear all parents share regardless of the “time” their children are young.  As I grew up in the 60’s, my parents had plenty to worry about.  As my boys grew up in the 90’s, I had more than enough “bad news” to turn my hair gray.  As Morgan grows up now, we have the current issues making us question humanity.

As I sat drinking my hot chocolate yesterday, I wondered…what if we could force everyone to sit at a kitchen table, complete with the sounds and smells of their youth, and have them share their trials and tribulations over steaming cups of hot chocolate.  Sometimes, I can’t help but think the world would be a different place.  That if, somehow, putting people in a situation where their lives were simpler, they would be able to find solutions to their problems that didn’t involve the violence or the vitriol that currently saturates our country.  Serve them all a cup and let it warm their souls and melt away their troubles.  Sometimes, I believe in the Power of Hot Chocolate.


2 comments on “The Power of Hot Chocolate

  1. Marian Green
    December 22, 2012

    You make me believe too. : )

    • Chuck
      December 22, 2012

      I wish more people would. 🙂

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