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Time for Family

Happy-HolidaysFirst of all, let me wish everyone a Happy Holiday season.  Enjoy the time and relish in the festivities.  Life has been extremely interesting, at least to/for me, these past few months.  State Cup was a double disaster.  A disappointment of epic proportion.  But, it is past and I will post an update of that another time.  This is the time for something different.

I pick up Kid#4 a bit later today and head off to Louisville for a few days of family fun and frolic.  Kid#3 will be staying here, working.  Kid#2 lives in town and will be staying as well.  Kid#1 is in Auburn, working.  Ah yes, the days of college age when I didn’t come home for the holiday, but stayed in my apartment, holding on to my part time job and my sense of independence.  I remember them well.  At least I’ll be home on Christmas day and all of us save Kid#1 will enjoy some time together, opening presents and eating Christmas dinner.

The transitions in life are often difficult to push through.  So many of the traditions from my childhood and those that I forged with my own children are now in flux as they make their own way in the world.   Not completely independent, but slogging their way toward it, they are figuring out what’s important to them.  I know that, in just a few years, they will remember what it means to be with and around family and they will return on the important days to gather and share stories of trials and triumphs over an unnecessarily large and opulent meal.  Just as I make my trek to my mother’s to be with her and my brother and his family for a few days, my Kids will find their way home.  This year, it will be 3 of the four for a few hours on Christmas day.  I’ll take that.  It is, after all, Time for Family.



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