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New Season, Day One

So it has come to pass.  Day One of the new season training.  The boys looked good last night.  A bit raw.  A bit unrefined.  But that we can fix.  They were eager.  They were willing.  They were ready to train.

Tonight’s sessions will be shortened and crowded due to weather related issues this morning.  Our grass fields are unavailable, so we will be three teams on each turf field.  Still, we’ll have space to play, space to work, space to train.  That’s all we need.  Tonight we work on some of the very, very basics.

Pressure, cover, balance.  It’s amazing how the simplest of concepts can get lost on teenager players.  They are out of position, running around like chickens with their heads cut off because they have lost sight of that very simple, basic concept in soccer.  Pressure on the ball, cover for that player, balance on the back side of the pitch.  Keep the attacking players in front of you, cut off the passing lanes.  Be ready to step and pressure when your counterpart receives the ball, but be equally ready to drop off when your man releases the ball.  Not difficult to understand, but easy enough to forget if not reminded from time to time.  Tonight they get a reminder.

(Photo credit:  http://www.sportsessionplanner.com/s/oMA/Defending-Day-2—older.html)


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