What Was I Thinking: Married/Divorced x 3

A view from my side.


Wow…I’ve been busy.  LOL  And, quite frankly, I took a break to “unplug” from the technology.  A recent article on CNN or NYT or some such place mentioned that with all the technology at our fingertips, we end up working an extra 45 days over the course of the year.  Of course, this is made up of extra hours stolen here and there after we leave the office.  We spend time checking and answering our email, voice mail and other such things since we have the technology available and at hand all the time.

Being the “Tech Guy” at my school, I can attest to spending countless hours, after hours, on weekends and over holidays, working.  But that is the nature of my job.  I can’t bring the servers down for maintenance in the middle of a work day, for example.  And, since I’m the only tech guy on campus, taking Tuesday off because I worked all day Saturday doesn’t usually happen either.  I have been working here now for 8 years.  I have yet to take my entire vacation time.  It wasn’t until the school year just completed that I wasn’t “in” during Winter Break.  I did end up at the office a bit over Spring Break, however.  Sad, isn’t it?  And while I can’t just take a Tuesday off, I am able to shave an hour or two, here and there from time to time.  And, to be fair, the school does “buy back” the week of vacation I cannot take every summer.

All of the gadgets we carry also seem to carry an expectation.  People expect us to be reachable.  Why, for heaven’s sake, did you not answer my text/call/email/voicemail right away?  Are you dissing me?  Do you not like me?  Did I upset you in some fashion?  I needed an answer right then.  I was waiting on you and you didn’t reply!!  Sound familiar?

I came back to my office one day to find someone waiting for me.  She had called my desk twice, leaving a voice mail.  She had emailed.  She had called my cell phone.  When I opened my door, my phone was ringing and my cell phone started to ring.  I turned to her and asked what she needed.  She asked me why I didn’t answer my phones.  She had come all the way to my office to get me to come fix her problem, yet the ring of the phone was so strong she couldn’t understand why I wasn’t answering it.  Perhaps it just didn’t dawn on her that if I answered my phones, she would, again, end up waiting.

One of the many reasons I spend so much time coaching is that it gets me away from the plugs.  Yes, the players and parents need to get in touch with me and yes, I take my phone to the field with me.  But I turn it off and put it away when practice starts.  For 4 hours a night, 4 nights a week, I am wonderfully, gloriously unplugged.  And, while I have my phone with me on my runs, I have it in “Airplane” mode as I listen to music.

The rest of the time, I’m tethered.  Attached at the hip to the world.  Make no mistake, I’m Loving the Technology, but I also take the time away from it.  That’s why I haven’t posted in so long.  I’ve checked email and answered my phone, but for the most part, that last two weeks have seen me taking my off hours for myself.  Not much online time as I prep my spirit for the upcoming school year and season.

It was simply my time to Unplug…


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