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Boxes, Boxes, Everywhere Boxes

Let it begin.  The great unpacking.  Boxes here, boxes there.  More boxes than I care to see ever again in my life.  Of course, I know better.  This is by no means a permanent location.  Just another temporary bump in what has been my transient lifestyle.  But, for now, it’s home…or at least, it will be after I get all these boxes unloaded.

For all intents and purposes, this place is the same size as the last.  The square footage is distributed a bit differently.  Here, for example, I can put the leaf in the dining table, use all 6 chairs and still have room to walk around to sit down without having to “suck it in” to get around a chair.  At the other place, it was a tight fit with the smaller, round version and 4 chairs.  Since so much of my life centers around my dining table, this makes me happy.  Of course, that table is currently loaded with…boxes.

Then there is the living room.  A bit smaller than the other one, I have less furniture this time.  I let my two younger boys have the sofa and love seat we bought in 2002.  They are sharing a house with 3 other people in a college town not too far away and were in desperate need of some furniture.  Since I want a new sofa/love seat combo, I thought what the hell, I’ll let them have these.  They were glad to take them off my hands.  Since my oldest will be heading off to another college town in a few days, I’ll be here “empty nesting” and will be fine in my recliner while I take my sweet time finding something new.  The living room is coming together quickly, but mainly because there isn’t much to put in it!

This apartment has a deck off the living room that my other one did not.  Instead of a deck, the other one had incorporated that space internally.  While I will enjoy the deck for morning coffee and evening wine, it unfortunately faces west.  In this climate, that renders it unusable for a fair portion of the day.  While moving in, I had put some boxes in the storage room outside off the deck.  When I grabbed the door knob to come back inside, it was almost too hot to hold on to for very long.  I’ll be leaving the blinds closed from about 3:00-7:30 p.m. on a daily basis.  Still, I will find myself sitting out there often, I’m sure.

The biggest draw back to the new place is the master suite.  The bedroom is significantly smaller than my previous place.  It will take some getting used to, living in the tight space allowed, but I will manage.  I won’t be spending as much time in my room now that the boys are all gone.  I’ll be able to claim the living room for my own.  And, since I will only be dedicating one bedroom to a kid, Kid#4, I will turn the 3rd bedroom into more of a study or den area.  I will be able to use that space as my office area and can now get that out of my bedroom.  Of course, that space now serves as the main location for all the boxes.  Have to put them somewhere until they are unloaded.

So closes another chapter in my journey through life.  Of course, so opens the next.  The pages seem to turn much faster now and the story has fewer plot twists.  The denouement is not yet at hand, but the story is settling down.  Not yet predictable and still full of promise, it is not the roller coaster ride it was.  But one never really knows about such things.  I’ve been known to take off at a moment’s notice, on a Wild and Exciting Adventure.  I’m sure there are a few more of those in store.  But for now, it’s boxes, boxes, everywhere boxes.


2 comments on “Boxes, Boxes, Everywhere Boxes

  1. reikae
    June 22, 2012

    Welcome to your new home. Hope you get unpacked quickly so you can sit back and enjoy your new place. 🙂

    • Chuck
      June 22, 2012

      Thanks…it is slowly coming together!

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