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Rainy Days and Fried Bologna

Growing up, I was always inventing something to do on rainy days.  Unable to go outside, my friends and I would find something to do inside.  Long before the days of XBox and PS3, we would oftentimes play board games.  Chess and checkers were big, but only two could play at a time.  Parcheesi was always fun.  As we got older, we played Monopoly and Risk.  Sometimes we simply watched television.

Saturday afternoons usually meant the local independent television station would be showing old movies.  Johnny Weissmuller’s Tarzan.  The Marx Brothers.  The Three Stooges.   Or, a Little Rascals marathon.  Of course, there was ABC’s Wide World of Sports later in the afternoon.  One game we really loved to play was to have an adult come to the den while we went upstairs.  S/He would take a marble and “hide” it in plain sight somewhere in the room.  We would come back and try to find the marble.

The only rule was it had to be out in the open, in plain sight. Kind of like a “Where’s Waldo” type of thing, sometimes we would swear there was no marble anywhere in the room.  We would stand in the center of the room and scan all the surfaces, looking intently for that marble.  Eventually, one of us would find it and sit down, the cue that the marble had been found.  Those of us left standing would look harder, trying not to be last.  We would kill hours on games such as these on those rainy days.

At some point, we would get hungry.  A quick snack we always enjoyed was a Fried Bologna sandwich.  I’ve always enjoyed the taste of bologna, but the first time I had a fried bologna sandwich, I was in food heaven.  Heating the bologna brought out a tangy flavor that just wasn’t there when it was served up as a cold cut.  And, we put it on a toasted English Muffin.  I don’t remember whose mother introduced me to the fried bologna sandwich, but I loved it.  I told my mother about it and she laughed, saying she would let me cook one anytime I wanted it.  I told her to be sure to have English Muffins on hand whenever we had bologna in the fridge.

A very simple sandwich to make, you just toss a slice of bologna in a skillet and turn up the heat.  You do have to cut some slits in it so it will lay flat as it cooks.  The fat heats up and soon the meat will sizzle.  You can’t do it right on low.  The heat must be turned up to at least medium-high on an electric stove top.  Flip it once and let the other side sizzle.  While it is cooking, toast the English Muffin.  You want it crisp to give the sandwich that crunch that makes it so good.

When the muffin is done and the bologna ready, put them together for a sandwich.  I use two slices of regular sliced bologna or one of the “thick cut.”  Unfortunately today, we are getting ready to move soon and my refrigerator lacked a necessary ingredient…yellow mustard.  But, not to be deterred, I devoured it anyway.  And, I introduced my almost 5 year old daughter to a new Rainy Days and Fried Bologna tradition.


2 comments on “Rainy Days and Fried Bologna

  1. creativenoodling
    June 10, 2012

    I confess I have heard tell of the fried balonia sandwich… but have never considered trying it until now. Mighty persuasive writing coach.

    • Chuck
      June 10, 2012

      It’s quick, easy and mighty satisfying!

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