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Sweet Summer

Summer is almost upon me.  After the Memorial Day weekend, we will be in full time summer mode here.  Not that things slow down very much for me, summer is actually one of my busiest times.  This is the time I get to re-do everything that needs re-doing that can’t be re-done when people are using it.  Even so, it is also time for me to take time off.  I always wonder what I’ll do in the summer.  This summer, however, I know a few things I’ll be doing.

I know I’ll be moving.  I no longer need to live in the school zone I’m in since Kid#3 has graduated.  Time to move a scant 5 miles down the road into larger, yet less expensive digs.  That will be mid June.

I know I’ll be training.  I always train in the summer.  It is the only time I truly have time to run, lift, etc., for myself.  I will also participate in at least 1 short Triathlon and 2 short, 5K/10K road runs.

I know I will travel at least a few places.  I have family to visit in Louisville.  I love going there.  Churchill Downs is a great place to spend a day.  Even though they ruined the sight lines of the Twin Spires when they expanded the seating years ago, it is still a very special place.  I also love the Frazier Museum and Bardstown Road.  I also  have friends I need to see in Atlanta and Dallas.  And, I have other places I’d like to run off to.  I’d love to lose myself on some mountain trails for at least a few days, if not weeks.

I know that my club soccer teams will start up again in late July.  Our opening tournament will be mid August and I know we will want to have had several sessions before we play.  I’d like to take them away for a team camp.  A Thursday-Sunday sort of thing where we train all day with 100 other players near their age and skill level.  After a day’s worth of training, they play a match each night.  There’s no need to enforce a curfew at team camp, the effort on the field takes care of that.

At some point I’ll be helping Kid#1 relocate to his new place at college.  He’s headed off to start studying at a traditional 4 year university this time.  A little older, a little more mature, a little more driven, I hope he’s able to finally find his niche and have the success he deserves.  He’s had a tough time over his life, through no fault of his own.  He’s selected a fine place to give it the “old college try” and I’m sure Auburn will be a good fit for him.

Of course, I’ll have time with Kid#4 off and on.  Her mother is taking her on some summer adventures in late June-early July, visiting extended family.  I know she’ll have a ton of fun with aunts, uncles, cousins and grand parents all waiting to play with her.  But she and I will make our own adventures as well.  We always find places to go and things to do.  She’s about to be 5 years old, so is very, very inquisitive.  We’ll explore all sorts of things this summer.

And, before I know it, summer will be over.  But for now, it lays ahead of me and beckons.  Sweet summer…


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