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Graduation Week

Kid#3 graduates on Wednesday.  The last of my boys through school.  School wasn’t as easy for him as it was for Kid#1 or Kid#2.  He isn’t academically the smartest of the three.  He actually had to open his books, put pencil to paper and work at it.  It has been a long, hard road but he made it and I’m proud of him.  He has a great attitude toward life (see Bike It) and is looking forward to his summer.

Graduation will also bring Ex#2 to town.  Interestingly enough, she drove to Louisville and picked up my mother, giving her a ride to/from town for the event.  Ex#2 is not a stranger here, she’s visited several times before.  But it always puts a strain on things when she’s here.  This time, however, she’ll be opening her pocketbook.

I haven’t yet posted about Kid#1’s auto accident.  Long story short, he totaled one of our cars two weeks ago.  He’s fine, the airbag deployed and he spent the night in the hospital, but otherwise all is well.  But the left us down a car.  We are also having some problems with my ’68 Cougar, but then, it is 45 years old.  It is in need of some mechanical work, so that drops us down to one reliably working car.    Ex#2 has agreed that it is her turn to provide transportation for the boys so she’ll be taking them car shopping tomorrow and Tuesday.

It’s now Kid#3’s time to shine.  It is his week and it is he that will be in the spotlight.  He wants to be an Athletic Trainer.  One of those guys you see walking out on the field when a player is injured.  With the rise in athletics in this country, it has actually become a decent career path.  Current salaries average in the mid $40,000 and jobs are not hard to find.  He would like to find a position at a college or university working in their Men’s athletic program.  He has been admitted into a university with a good Athletic Training program and is excited about the potential.

But for now, he’s just happy to be done with high school.  As I said, school wasn’t as easy for him as for his brothers.  He didn’t have the opportunities they did at the schools they were able to attend.  His life was disrupted as much by Ex#3 as the rest of us, but I think it affected him a bit more than the other boys.  But he’s through all of that now and he’s here.  I’m proud of him for making it and am looking forward to a bright future for him.  Congratulations Dylan…it’s Graduation Week.


One comment on “Graduation Week

  1. eof737
    May 20, 2012

    I’m catching up again on blog posts. Thanks for your patience! 🙂

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