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The Run for the Roses

This year’s Kentucky Derby should be exciting. 21 horses will be starting. The “fastest 2 minutes in sports” will be a thrill to all that watch. I’m a huge fan of horse racing and while I have been to Churchill Downs several times, I have never been to The Derby. The excitement of the day, the Mint Juleps, and the overall splendor put a smile on my face. Usually viewed in my house with family, friends and food, it will cause me to tune out even the most exciting soccer match for at least the two minutes of the race itself.

So, without further comment, I offer my two picks for this year’s race. Since there are many “fast starters” on the track today, I’m going to go with horses that finish strong and with a seasoned jockey aboard. For what it’s worth, my picks today are Take Charge Indy, ridden by Calvin Borel and Dullahan ridden by Kent Desormeaux. While neither is a current “favorite”, I tend to cheer for those whose potential is sometimes overlooked. For those of you that have never watched a race, tune in this afternoon. I have a sense you will not be disappointed.

Note:  At the end of the day, it was I’ll Have Another, Bodemiester and Dullahan at the finish.  A great race from all accounts.  Next up, a trip to Baltimore for the Preakness Stakes.


4 comments on “The Run for the Roses

  1. Anastasia
    May 5, 2012

    Exciting, but if those are horse names you used there, it sounds like pour creatures were named by celebrities…

    • Chuck
      May 6, 2012

      Their names usually are derivatives of their parents’ names. But yes, those are horse names.

      • Anastasia
        May 6, 2012

        and I meant “poor”, not “pour”…. My Russian is much better than English! Honestly!

      • Chuck
        May 6, 2012

        LOL Your English is fine. 🙂

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