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Senior Night

Last night we played the Seniors.  It was an away match that had no bearing whatsoever on the our Post Season play.  Against an opponent that we had beaten earlier in the year 7-0.  We are in the final week of the regular season and many of these boys have not gotten to play much at all.  Last night was a good opportunity for them to play.  Most played until asking to be subbed out and they all had a great time.  We won, 2-0.  The first goal was scored by a senior who normally starts, but in the back.  Last  night, he played “up top” and had a great time.

Tonight is officially our “Senior Night”.  The last home match of the regular season.  We will start and play all of the seniors as long as they have the legs to play.  Our team  normally starts 8 underclassmen.  So tonight we start 8 players who will see more time on the field tonight than they probably have total minutes all season up til last night.  It is always a fun night for these boys and they wait for it all year.

This is a night when the score is secondary and it is all about the boys that have been with us for years.  Most of these players have been with the program for four years.  Some came up through JV, others started practicing with the Varsity squad as Freshmen.  Either way, it is a fun night for everyone.  When it ends, we gather the boys together on the field in front of their parents and friends and tell stories about each of them and what they have meant to the team.

Tonight is a player’s night.  Tonight is Senior Night.  Thanks, boys, for putting up with the coaching staff’s crap.  Thanks, boys, for most of your career being content to come in off the bench for 5-10 minutes at a time every now and then and staying with the program.  Thanks, boys, for all the memories over all the years.


2 comments on “Senior Night

  1. bradgsmith
    April 24, 2012

    Classy thing to do, Coach. I recall my senior nights in HS and college. Good times that the boys will cherish.

    • Chuck
      April 24, 2012

      and the parents.

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