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Pot O’Beans

I love being a Southerner.  The temperatures down here are great.  The beaches, the mountains, the streams, the rivers all offer great amusement and wonder.  The people are friendly and most places you go, there is a small town atmosphere.  While we are often mocked for our “unsophisticated” style, I know I can count on a fellow Southerner to help out should I need it.  We are a tradition rich group of people and while not all of them make me proud, I proudly hang on to many.

One of those that I proudly hang on to is the simplicity of some of our foods.  Fancy foods are great and I love to cook them, but sometimes I just want something simple.  I love green beans.  I remember “stringing” beans at my grandmother’s kitchen table when I was a kid.  My grandfather would come in from the garden he had in the back yard and toss a colander full of freshly picked beans on the table.  It was my job to “string” them before my grandmother cooked ’em.  Snap, pull, drop in the pot.  Bean after bean after bean, until the entire mess was done.

Then, my grandmother would wash the lot in the sink.  She would add water to cover, a chopped onion, some salt and pepper.  But the key ingredient was whichever one of several things she had in the fridge.  Either a few pieces of ham hock, a slice of country ham she had cut into smaller pieces, some salt pork or fatback.  Then, she would set the pot on the stove, bring to a boil, turn down the heat and let simmer until we were ready to eat. Finally, just before she would put the beans into a serving dish, she would drop a some butter into the pot, stirring it in to sweeten the flavor.

I still make green beans the same way most of the time.  I know more and more people want to eat healthier and are steaming or blanching their vegetables these days.  I understand that, and as a coach and someone who runs quite a bit, I too, eat healthier most of the time.  But this Pot O’Beans is another of my comfort foods.  Like Chicken Livers and Okra, it is something I rarely find outside the South.


12 comments on “Pot O’Beans

  1. bipolarmuse
    April 21, 2012

    Chicken livers and Okra should be AGAINST THE LAW. Hahaha.

    • Chuck
      April 21, 2012

      LOL…don’t protest til you’ve TRIED ‘EM! 😛

      • bipolarmuse
        April 21, 2012

        Oh I have! Okra is like witches fingers… nasty and slimy and GREEN. And chicken livers… ugh… I will take them over okra but I don’t like em.

      • Chuck
        April 21, 2012

        LOL…not the way I cook it! It is sliced and rolled in cornmeal, then sauteed in butter, onions, salt and pepper. Ain’t nuttin slimy about it when I’m done. 🙂

      • bipolarmuse
        April 21, 2012

        Alright…you win. 🙂

      • Chuck
        April 21, 2012

        HAHA…awwwwwww. Not about winning. Just about not having slimy okra! 🙂

      • bipolarmuse
        April 21, 2012

        Very true… I thought okra was just destined to be nasty. hahaha

  2. creativenoodling
    April 21, 2012

    These look WAY better than the green beans I cooked tonight!

    • Chuck
      April 21, 2012

      But mine cooked for a looooooooooong time. LOL

      • creativenoodling
        April 21, 2012

        Which would be why they look better than my five minute microwaved steamed variety.

  3. Bagman
    April 22, 2012

    Killin me man! Hungry now and everything is closed. My job was shuckin’ and silkin’ the corn but sometimes we switched and popped the “snap beans”, as my grandma called them. Thanks for the flashback.

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