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Sometimes You Just Eat Leftovers

Match night tomorrow.  A big one.  A “test” for next week.  This one will give us an opportunity to test a few things out against the opponent we will meet in Round 1 of the State Playoff tournament.  Tonight we train.

Normally on a training night I have time to cook at home.  But tonight is also a big match night for Kid#3.  His team will face their Conference leader in a tough match for bragging rights.  Both teams have already advanced to Round 1 for their Area.  Both teams are large 6A schools.  Both teams should survive Round 1, but will things will get harder at Round 2.  Both teams are looking to win tonight, but also looking to rest legs and try out some new ideas.  Since tonight is a training night for me, I will get to watch Kid#3 play.  It’s rare that I have that opportunity and I want to take advantage of it.  This is, afterall, his senior year and he always wants to “Bike It“.

So, food takes backstage tonight.  While I have pork chops and chicken sitting in the fridge, tonight I’ll be watching my son play.  Sometimes, you just eat leftovers.


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