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One of the Reasons I Coach

A former club player of mine, now a high school senior, is being offered a spot on the team at the college she is attending next fall.  While I have kept up with her progress over the years, I have not coached her since she was 13 years old.  Every season, she has sent me her schedule.  Every season, I have made sure to see her play in some of her matches.  I speak to her parents every time I see them and I have always offered her an encouraging word.

She will be officially accepting her position this week and will have a small ceremony at her high school.  Her principal will be there.  Her high school coach will be there.  Her club coach from the last two seasons will be there.  She sent me a message letting me know this was going on and asked me if I would be able to make it as well. I told her I would do my best to make it.  She replied she hoped so, because it would mean so much to her.

A young player, stepping up to the next level, has asked me to be there when they take the pictures of the people in her life that have had a positive impact on who she has become.  This is one of the reasons I coach.


2 comments on “One of the Reasons I Coach

  1. eof737
    April 16, 2012

    It is a worthy cause… kudos!

    • Chuck
      April 16, 2012

      It’s pretty awesome when a player I am not currently coaching asks me to be present when they commit or sign to a school. Kinda makes all the effort worthwhile knowing I’ve made a difference and helped someone acheive something they’ve wanted since they were 10 years old.

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