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The Comfort of Cheerios

Cheerios.  More specifically, Honey Nut Cheerios.  You don’t even need milk to eat them.  A great snack food, I used to carry some in a baggie or small plastic bowl (with lid, of course) when the boys were small.  Each of them had a personal supply to munch on when we took a road trip to somewhere.  And we were always taking a road trip to somewhere when they were smaller.

Many foods bring back good memories for so many people.  For me, Chicken Livers and Okra bringBreakfast bowl of Cheerios back memories of a simpler time in my youth with my father.  Chili also takes me back to Sunday afternoons in the fall, watching football games on TV.   But Cheerios are the most versatile of my comfort foods.

It can be a perfect breakfast food on its own or you can make it “part of a nutritious breakfast” by adding in whatever other breakfast fair you like.  You can eat it plain, or slice up some bananas or toss on some berries.  Add a splash of milk, whole milk in my house, and each spoonful brings a smile.

It can also serve as a quick lunch when nothing else looks good.  Sometimes, I come home and need something quick, only having a few moments before I have to get to whatever may be going on that afternoon.  A bowl of Cheerios is quick, easy, filling and fun.  The sweet, tasty crunch of each mouthful makes it easy to wolf it down and head out the door.  It’s filling and also “vitamin fortified.”  🙂

Of course, Cheerios is also a fantastic late night snack.  Home late after a match or an evening out, sometimes I want something to eat, but I don’t want a heavy meal.  What better than a small bowl of Cheerios?  It will satisfy the hunger without weighing me down.  It will take care of the desire for something sweet without the calorie count of a candy bar.  Sitting at the table to eat it will settle me down and wash away the stress of the day.  I find myself smiling as I raise the spoon, anticipating the flavor.

Cheerios have been a staple in my life since I can remember.  I have so many stories about my boys that involve Cheerios in one way or another.  Whenever I have a dull feeling or find myself in the middle of some emotional “blah,” I know there is a quick fix in a bowl of Cheerios.  My mind will find itself reliving some of past adventures with the boys or some other encounter in which Cheerios played a role and a smile will slowly find its way to my face.

I will always find happiness in the Comfort of Cheerios.


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