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According to an article titled “More Brainpower Seen in Soccer’s Top Scorers” in the NY Times,

soccer players actually have superior executive functions, the brain processes responsible for planning and abstract thinking.  And the more elite the player, the better these functions.

I’ve talked to my players over the years about the advantages of being a competitive athlete.  We talk about the benefits of training and how learning the game will help them later in life.  Success in soccer comes with the ability to react to an ever-changing environment and making crucial decisions, literally on the run.  The article references “game intelligence”…what the rest of us call the ability to “see the game”.

Now, finally, after years of being scoffed at by non believers, comes some validation.  More on this in another post, but this one, I had to share.


2 comments on “Brainiacs

  1. Marianne
    April 10, 2012

    I think a lot of people got a surprise when they read the article, :).

    • Chuck
      April 10, 2012

      I’m sure some did! I feel vindicated! LOL

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