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A view from my side.

Long, long day

I’m out of town on a SACS/SAIS Accreditation Visit.  In essence, schools that wish to be accredited have to have accreditation visit once every 5 years.  A team visits the school and reviews a self-study the school  has conducted, interviews representatives of the various constituents and recommends to re-accredit the school or not.  I have been on a number of these teams and always learn some really cool things.

Be all that as it may, these visits are also mentally draining.  I’ve spent all day, interviewing, observing and talking with people.  In the breaks between the interviews, we are compiling our notes, working our way through the data, writing the preliminary version of the report.  We started yesterday afternoon at 4:00 and finished after supper at 9:30.  This morning at we started at 7:30 and finished this evening at 8:30.  We’ll start up again tomorrow morning at 7:00 and work through at least 4:00.  Then the 5 hour drive home.

Meals – coffee and a bagel for breakfast.  Spinach salad and fruit for lunch.  For supper it was sandwiches from Newks.  I am one worn out fella.  At least the report was good from the boys…they won their match tonight, 3-2.  Whew.


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