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We Win the 3rd

This one was even uglier than last night.  More a game of “kickball” than of soccer.  Scoreless into the 55th minute, we finally put one in, a header off a corner kick.  Another athletic team with a few soccer players, they took us out of our game with their kick and run style.  A lot of pressure up top and a bunch of defenders in the back.  Midfield?  What’s that…we don’t need no stinking midfield!  Kick and run, yes siree…

It’s too late and I’m too tired to provide much more of a description, but we won the match.  Then we had to wait to see what happened in a game on the other side of town.  We did  not get maximum points tonight, so it was possible for us to win tonight but still be bumped out of the Championship match on Saturday.  My phone buzzed in my hand.  The coach from the other team calling to find out how we did.  Both of our teams had won, 1-0.  We were still 1 point ahead in the standings and that meant we advanced.  Whew…So we give the boys tomorrow off and regroup on Saturday.

It also allows me some time with my boys, Kids#1 and #3.  We are looking forward to a nice home cooked meal after this week of grabbing whatever was available at the concession stand.  Tomorrow afternoon I’ll hit the grocery store, buy all fresh ingredients and make us a meal.  Not sure what we’ll have, but I’m leaning toward a Teriyaki marinade on a flank steak.  Whatever it is, I’ll post the recipe and photos when we’re done.

Ok…one more match.  An opportunity to capture our Metro Conference Tournament Title.  With a young team.  8 of our starters never played in a Varsity match before this year.  We have the rest of April to prove ourselves and win our Area (different from the Metro Conference).  I am beginning to think we might be in the hunt for a Post Season match.  A bit too early to speculate, but it might happen.  It just might.  We’ll see.


2 comments on “We Win the 3rd

  1. eof737
    March 30, 2012

    Congrats! 🙂

    • Chuck
      March 30, 2012

      Thanks. One more to go on Saturday.

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