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And We Win It

The score was 3-1.  The match was ugly.  They scored first.  Some of you will understand this…Their #10 hit a rocket from 22 yards out.  It was sweet.  It was awesome.  It was well earned.  He was also unmarked at the top of the box.  So we broke down and they took advantage.

We tied it up late in the first half.  Our attacking center mid hit a shot from 30 yards out that was bending down to the right.  He beat two of their defenders and let it fly.  Their keeper didn’t have a chance at it.  Even at the half, we re-group, make some slight adjustments and take the field.

The second half is all us.  While we are showing the effects of the extended Spring Break, we take control of the match.  We possess.  We control the ball.  We move up, down, around the pitch.  We become patient.  We play “our game.”  We put in two more, then sub in the reserves.  The starters come out to rest.  There are only 9 minutes left to play and we don’t need any more goals.

We walk off with 9 points in a 3-1 match.  Only one injury to deal with and he’s on his way for x-rays.  Of course, he came back to us hurt from the snowboarding over break.  But…he’s an key figure.  Hopefully, he’s out the rest of the tournament and we have him back for the Run Through April.

Next match is tonight.  We should win it.  We shall see.


2 comments on “And We Win It

  1. eof737
    March 28, 2012

    Excellent write up on your event. I hope you wrap it up tonight. Thank you for your wonderful and wise comment on my blog. Glad we connected. 🙂

  2. Gabriela Vargas
    March 29, 2012

    Congrats! 🙂 Well deserved win.

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