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I See a Different Glass

You’ve experienced this before, I’m sure.  The teacher/counselor/moderator/etc., puts the glass of water on the table in front of you/the group.  The glass has some liquid in it and you are asked something along the lines of, “Teglass half full of waterll me what you see.”  Some people will say the glass is half full, while others will say the glass is half empty.  From that, we surmise a person’s fundamental outlook on life.

I suggest we need to see something different.  That we need to break out of the old mold.  The first time I remember being asked this question, I saw neither a glass half full nor a glass half empty.  I told my teacher that I saw a glass that was twice as large as it needed to be.  Instead of discussing my answer, the teacher tried to force me into the mold of “half-full” or “half-empty.”  He was uncomfortable with my answer and refused to even consider there might be a different glass.

I’ve never forgotten that moment and am actually grateful to my teacher.  To this day it continues to motivate me to look at things differently, to consider the alternative, and to invite the insight of my students.  It is for their benefit that I stand before them and I hold fast to the belief that they have legitimate contributions to make to their education.  I at least owe it to them to listen and to consider what they have to say.


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