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Breakfast for Supper

Every couple of days, the boys and I sit down to talk about the schedule for the next few days.  With 2 soccer schedules and Kid#1’s work schedule, we need to know who is going to be where, when, and in what car.  This week Kid#1 works 4 nights.  Kid#3 and I have both have a match on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, at different start times and at different locations.  The possibility exists either/both of us will be playing on Saturday as well.  Add to that we are a car short due the Honda blowing its engine (see Bad Car-Ma and Marinated Pork Chops), and you get the picture.  A week from hell from a family meal standpoint.

We realized that tonight would be the only chance to have everyone at home for a meal at the same “reasonable” time to eat.  We even had Kid#4 tonight, since Monday is a “daddy dinner” night for her.  We also realized that we had about a 60 minute window to cook and eat (before Kid#4 had to be back at Ex#3’s) and would be worn out from the first day back after Spring Break.  Nights like this demand Breakfast for Supper.

It’s quick.  It’s easy.  It’s tasty.  It’s fun.  Scrambled eggs.  Patty sausage.  Buttered toast.  Fresh fruit.  A tall glass of milk or water or juice, your choice.  Breakfast for Supper is one we can all smile about.  No pics tonight since you all probably have your own memories of what this meal looks like.


9 comments on “Breakfast for Supper

  1. Andromache Wilde
    March 26, 2012

    This is why I have purchased a Crockpot. I use it to make everything from Chicken and Dumplings to Pulled Beef and Pork etc etc.

    It’s hard to keep up with todays schedules. 🙂

    • Chuck
      March 26, 2012

      I used to have one of those. I keep thinking I need to get another one and start using it. But I can’t go as late as I’ll be this week without eating, we we will all be grabbing our meals out. Subway, here I come. 😐

  2. Gabriela Vargas
    March 27, 2012

    Hahaha. I used to have breakfast for dinner all the time as a kid. It was my one main weaknesses. Whenever my parents used to go out, I would fill up a bowl of cereal and boil an egg instead of eat what my mom made. XD

    Don’t get me wrong, her food is yum. But breakfast foods have always been my weakness.

    • Chuck
      March 27, 2012

      Kid#3 is constantly devouring all the cereal. He’ll come home late after a match, sit down and eat 2 heaping bowls of whatever “kid” cereal we have.

      He tends to leave Special K alone, so I always make sure there is some of that for me. LOL

      • Gabriela Vargas
        March 27, 2012

        Hahaha. I hate Special K. *shakes her head* I don’t know how people eat that, I just can’t seem to get my head around it. I agree that it’s healthy and all that jazz, but it doesn’t TASTE like cereal.

      • Chuck
        March 27, 2012

        Yeah, it’s an “acquired” taste, that’s for sure! I still love my Honey Nut Cheerios and Frosted Flakes. And they are “vitamin fortified.” 🙂

        My kids want me to buy the chocolate coated sugar bomb cereals.

      • Gabriela Vargas
        March 27, 2012

        Honey Nut Cheerios – LOVE THEM.
        Frosted Flakes – OMG!
        Chocolate coated sugar bombs – CHILDHOOD CRAVINGS. 😛

        But cinnamon toast crunch will always be my favorite!

      • Chuck
        March 27, 2012

        On top of the fridge today is a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Along with the HNC, FF, and SK. I’m sure I’ll be buying fresh boxes of everything but the SK this weekend. LOL

      • Gabriela Vargas
        March 27, 2012

        Bleh. 😛

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