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Quick But Tasty

Sometimes you need something that is quick but tasty.  I love to cook, but I when I get home around 7:00 p.m. after coming off the soccer fields, I’m not always in the mood to spend the next two hours prepping, cooking and cleaning.  So I have developed many quick but tasty meals over the years.  I get criticized by some friends because sometimes I open a box or use store-bought spice mixes, but you know what…I’m perfectly OK with that.  This is quick but tasty, remember?  🙂

So, with that caveat, I offer my Lemon Herb Chicken with Rice and Zucchini/Yellow Squash.

Start with the basics:  Skinless/boneless chicken breast(s), a medium zucchini and a medium yellow squash, a box of Uncle Ben’s Country Inn Chicken Rice (the “box” I get grief over).  Start the rice and cook according to the package directions.

Slice a skinless/boneless chicken breast across the top, giving yourself 3-4 slices, the same shape as the breast when you started.  Season with a Lemon Herb spice.  I used McCormick’s for this, but there are many others available.  Set it aside for now.

Slice the zucchini and squash in “discs”.  Drop the veggies into a skillet with about 2 tbsps of melted butter.  Add some chopped onions and salt/pepper.  Go easy on the salt/pepper as you can always add more later.  Sauteé the veggies over medium heat while everything else is cooking.  Stir occasionally so it doesn’t burn.

Sauteing veggies

While the veggies sauteé, heat 2 tbsps of olive oil in a large skillet over high heat.  When it gets hot, cut the heat back to medium and carefully place your sliced chicken breast in the oil.   It may spatter a bit, so be ready.  Have some tongs ready to flip them over.  Cook about 2-2.5 minutes a side depending on how thick you sliced it.  Sprinkle some more Lemon Herb seasoning on the cooked side if you’d like.  I usually do.

When it’s all done, arrange on your plate and serve.  I had water with mine tonight, but if you are old enough, a nice Chardonnay would do well.  I would suggest something simple and inexpensive, such as Hess, Toasted Head, or Sterling.  Each can be had for under $20 a bottle in the US.


So, there you go.  Around 30 minutes from counter to plate.  Assume a 4 oz chicken breast, 1/2 cup of the zuc/squash, and 1/2 cup of the rice, (and the fact that you sauteed stuff in olive oil) and you should come in close to 400 calories for the whole meal.

Yeah…quick but tasty.


3 comments on “Quick But Tasty

  1. Anastasia
    March 23, 2012


    • Chuck
      March 23, 2012

      It is, yes. Thanks.

  2. Gabriela Vargas
    March 24, 2012

    I do like it! 😛
    You keep adding to my list of things to do for the summer! I just hope I have enough time left. Lol.

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