What Was I Thinking: Married/Divorced x 3

A view from my side.

A New Season

Season…that word has so many different meanings for me.  Of course, Spring has sprung here in the south and with the mild winter we’ve had, there really isn’t that much difference in the temps. The trees have been in bloom for about a week now and the road leading up to the gate is lined in white.  It’s a soothing feeling…almost like having arms folding around me in a calming embrace.

A new soccer season is upon me as well.  The team is young this year as 15 players graduated last season.  We are starting four Freshmen this year.  It has been rough and we lost our first opening match in 15 years this season.  But, our schedule is arranged so they can lose some of the early, non conference matches while they learn to play.  April, however, is do or die for us, with three matches a week through the entire month.  So much for my Saturdays.

A new season in life is approaching as well.  Kid#3 graduates this year and I will find myself  able to pick up and move more easily.  Whether I relocate to a better place here in town or to a better place in some other state isn’t really the point.  I am not tied to this location due to high school residency restrictions.  I am free to find a more suitable place and not worry about it impacting Kid#3’s high school experiences. I may very well stay put right where I am, but now it is a choice I make for reasons other than those imposed upon me.  That lightens the load somewhat and takes a slight weight off my shoulders.

Ex#3 is desperately looking for another job in her  home state.  Apparently the last great hope she had was dashed when she was told she “isn’t a good fit.”  She interpreted that to mean she is “too educated (I have a Ph.D, after all), too experienced and too damn expensive.”  Of course she would interpret it that way.  That lets her believe she is too good for the school.  When, actually, she probably just isn’t what the school is looking for.  I won’t get into any of that, I try to wag a civil tongue when I talk about her, but I think you can read between those lines easily enough.  So much for a season where I am finally rid of Ex#3.

Among the many other seasons approaching for me, the one I anticipate most eagerly is the approaching Megan season.  I have not written about Megan much, if at all, in this blog for a host of reasons.  Suffice it to say that Megan means the world to me.  She brings with her a new season of hope, a new season of expectations and a new season of living.  More on Megan in future posts.


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