What Was I Thinking: Married/Divorced x 3

A view from my side.


What an interesting feeling.  I wake up, open my eyes and the room is spinning.  I feel nauseous.  I feel sick.  I feel like I’m suffering the effects of an all night drinking binge.  Though, there’s been on binge.  There’s been no over indulgence.  There has been no bad behavior to “pay for.”

This happened to me once before, almost three years ago to the day.  I woke up feeling as though I was suffering the effects of a hangover.  It is one of the most dreadful feelings I can imagine.  It is debilitating and it freezes me in place.  I dare not even roll over in bed for fear I will throw up.  It takes me hours to actually get up.  When I do, I have to sit up and remain in that one place for about 10 minutes.  Then, I stand and walk to the bathroom where I have to stand, my hand on the counter to balance myself, another 2 minutes or so.  What a day I have in store.

I get Kid#3 to drive me to the doc-in-a-box.  It is a Sunday and when we get there, I see they open in an hour.  Back home to kill the time only to return 15 minutes after opening Imageand find the waiting room packed.  A 1.5 hour wait for a 5 minute evaluation.  Yes, I’ve had this before, and yes, we can fix it.  Take these meds and don’t call me in the morning.  I’m out the door with my scripts and headed to the pharmacy.

As I recall, last time the meds took two full days to kick in.  But this time, I didn’t wait to go to the doctor, thinking it would go away on its own.  This time, I went the morning I woke up feeling bad. Hopefully I’ve caught it early and the meds will work sooner than last time.  Hopefully, I won’t miss as much time from work or from life in general.  Hopefully, a day at home will be enough.

This morning I find myself vertical and moving, albeit slowly and tentatively.  Still better than then last time.  Sooner than the last time.  The spinning room is still there, but no where near as long or as severe.  I find I have a bit of an appetite and can hold it down without difficulty.  This is good.  This is better than last time.

3 more hours and I’ll have a full day’s worth of meds aboard.  Yeah, baby!  As the Pre-Bopal slogan used to say…”better living through chemistry.”


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