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A thought on Play

The weather here is finally turning cool.  The humidity is still with us, so sometimes it is a damp coolness, but other mornings it is crisp and clear.  I love this time of year in the south.  The blistering heat leaves us for a while and we revel in the comfort of Fall.

Also gone with the heat is much of the smog that summer brings with it.  The air conditioners are turned off.  It is not yet cold enough to turn on the furnace.  People live for a few weeks with the windows open.  The air seems clearer and easier to breath.  The colors are brighter, more focused since we are not looking through oppressive waves of summer heat.  A great time to be outside.

Morgan, my 4 year old daughter, can actually use the slides at the playground without worrying about burning her legs.  She can run and play without having to search for shade every 15 minutes.  She can play with a ball or throw bean bags at her school’s Fall Festival.  She can go to the park and enjoy the day.  She can do all the things a four year old girl wants to do and not worry about getting a sunburn, dehydrating quickly, or overheating.  She can run, swing, slide, climb, jump, roll, pet puppies and look at babies.  She laughs and giggles.  She points at the birds and jumps like a frog.  She looks up in amazement at the kites and radio controlled planes when they are flying.  She is full of joy and, like all children at the park, brings smiles to everyone watching her.

The pure innocence of her play is lost on most of us at some point.  I watch some of the adults at the playground try to play with their child.  Some are able to do so, with abandon.  Others are too self conscious to have fun.  The “joy” of youth has aged out of them.  Responsibility and maturity have weighed so heavily on these people that they cannot enjoy the simple things in life.

Much to the chagrin of many of my past female friends and acquaintances, I have never lost the desire or urge to play.  I will always spread my arms and “fly” across the field.  I will always howl at a full moon.  I will always laugh out loud at what I find funny.  I will always find joy in my life.  I will always find time to play.


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